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Lingerie collection of David Beckham

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It is not for nothing that David Beckham was Poznan had strikingly and the famous Italian fashion Armani for so long House ads displaying his perfect body in lingerie . In addition to the money and fans, he took joy some ideas and business acumen, as together he went - and decided the market entry in its own right!

Women's wear daily reported that Beckham chose as her face, business in the head of the British footballer doubled Armani all but the revenue - rich seeds. As he saw the paper together, he, that the market is a encourage demand for elegant and comfortable men's underwear.
On the other hand, he had the example of his wife Victoria which start and runway walk ended in it always a recognized fashion lines designer and a renowned fashion icon.

Beckham is working on his Bodywear line manager Simon Fuller, works together with his wife and even a hand had supported in the management of the spice girls for a spell. Talk about his project with WWD, he was "very proud" of the final product, which is a result of a long work on the style and the substance is fit the footballer. He is expected by the best underwear clock cycle.
The date when Beckham's line are presented has not yet set, but was early autumn we expect a new fragrance (useful called Homme) of Beckham and his new partner Coty.