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Strong women cheat more

14.53 By vitto friend , ,

It was found that people who are far more inclined to the ranks of power to cheat. This is understandable, because makes generated more ambition, regardless of anything to feed. In addition, powerful people should not against criticism to look at. This applies to men and women, though, it will go, they are less susceptible to the tendency, mad fewer women than men to top positions.

Professor Joris Lammers Tilburg University in the Netherlands, one from 1561 top echelon professionals study attention special the gender factor (which had done before not). He says that from the point of view of gender people are accustomed to think that there men , to bend over, thanks to amounted to - remote and often travel, which they have to make and the habit, risky decisions. But actually no correlation has been found by researchers for senior men and women. It is the position and not gender, that counts on fraud.
Therefore this factor and - high-position are, if a free perspective to assess and take into account for establishing your priorities partner confidence in his ability, one on you no matter how sincere about can estimate his or her feelings for you!